Trophy Hunting Tours in Pakistan

Trophy Hunting Tours in Pakistan

Trophy hunting tours in Pakistan season starts in late November and ends by the month of March. Trophy hunting tours are on throughout Pakistan but particularly in the northern areas of Pakistan. The mighty mountain ranges of Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush in Pakistan are simply a wonder in the world and at the same time a heaven for trophy hunters. There are fourteen peaks higher than 8000m and 5 out of them are only in Pakistan. So Pakistan is unique in its geology and equally unique in having wild and high altitude animals to attract the global trophy hunting enthusiasts.

Trophy hunting tour is not simply hunting wild animals but one can also have opportunity to learn the life and culture of the remote rugged mountains of Pakistan. At the same time it is great help to country but a great opportunity to support the local communities because large part of hunting fee goes to the local communities. This support money helps in solving their daily life issues and ultimately improvement of quality of life. We may call it hunting tourism for the sake of service to mankind.

There are numerous wild animals and beasts but the most common are Himalayan Ibex, Markhor, Sindh Ibex, Punjabi Urial and Marcopolo Sheeps that is rare found elsewhere in the world. So Pakistan is paradise for trophy hunters, trophy hunting tours and tourism. Trophy hunting tourism in Pakistan offers great opportunity to see the most spectacular and beautiful mountain ranges of Karakoram, Hindukush and Himalaya. There are different prices for hunting that seems to be little high but nevertheless prices for hunting tours in Pakistan are much lower than other regional countries. We as professional tour operator offer full assistance to make your trophy hunting tour successful.

Ibex are fairly widespread through the higher mountain ranges of Gilgit Baltistan, in the Karakoram Range, the Haramosh Range; however the most of its population survives in Northern Areas of Pakistan around Hunza Valley, especially in the watershed of Khunjerab Pass and to the east of Khunjerab area. They still exist in large numbers In Gilgit Baltistan, Ishkoman, Yasin, and Hunza Valley. They are also found in the Hindukush Mountain to the north of Chitral and in the higher mountain ranges of Himalaya, particularly around Chilas and even on the slopes of Malika Parbat Mountain.

Why you need local tour operator for trophy hunting tours in Pakistan?

There is lot of paper work and experience involved to make trophy hunting tours a success story. It is therefore taking services of local tour operator is essential. Secondly it is also advised to start processing well in advance as some government clearances and permits are required for trophy hunting tourism in Pakistan.