Tourism in Punjab, Pakistan

Tourism in Punjab

The Land of Five Rivers”

Tourism in Punjab Pakistan is now booming because of current government efforts in this regard. Punjab is the largest province in population wise but second in size wise and the second largest province in physical size in Pakistan. Punjab is full of tourism sites and attractions including ancient cultural heritage, the ancient city of Harappa of Indus Civilization (the oldest in the world), Gandhara (cardle of Budhist Civilization) – then as the land of Sufis, Pirs and Gurus, is the home to Sikh Civilization (as most sacred places of Sikh religion are in this part of Punjab), including the birth place of Guru Nanak, Mazaars (tombs) of Hazrat Data Ganj Bukhsh, Mazaar Baba Farid Shakar Ganj.

Tourism in Punjab Pakistan is not limited to these old civilizations rather offers diversity in terms of man-made or natural beauty. So there is lot more to see in Pakistan’s Punjab and almost must visit for holiday makers for Pakistan tours. Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and has been capital city for Mughals and the Sikhs. Lahore is also known as the city of gardens, colleges and top to it as a panoramic. Some of the world heritage recognized is the Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, and Shalimar Gardens. The Walled City of Lahore, Wazir Khan Mosque, Tomb of Jahangir and Nur Jahan, Tomb of Asaf Khan and Chauburji are other major sites visited by tourists each year. The tomb of Qutb-ud-din Aibak from the Delhi Sultanate is located in the historical market of Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore. The Samadhi of Ranjit Singh and Hazuri Bagh Baradari are prime example of Sikh architecture during the rule of the Sikh Empire. There a number of other sites within Lahore such as Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Museum, Data Durbar Complex, Tomb of Muhammad Iqbal, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore Zoo.

Tourism in Punjab Pakistan is equally popular in upper Punjab. The region of Chakwal is paradise for geologists where one finds unending reserves of coal, oil and salt. Ketas Raj (Hindu Temples) and Khewra Salt Mine are the top attractions of the region. There are also beautiful tombs of Shah Rukne Alam and Bahaud din Zakria in Multan (south Punjab) that are symbol of Islamic architect. So there is so much to explore for tourism in Punjab Pakistan. We as tour operator and Tourism Company are specialized to design Pakistan tour packages for your desired tours to Punjab.