Sufistic Tourism

Sufistic tourism in Pakistan is must visit while exploring culture tourism of Pakistan. Sufism (Arabic a?-??fiyya), also known as Tasawwuf, is a mysticism by practice in religion, found mainly within Sunni Islam but also within Shia Islam which is characterized by a focus on Islamic spirituality, ritualism, asceticism and esotericism. One needs to differentiate Sufism of Egypt, Turkey or other Arabic world that is entirely different than Sufism of Sub-Continent.

Sufistic tourism in Pakistan has lot of potential, especially for the societies who are now become materialistic. Sufi is someone who says no to worldly desires and go in meditation. Sufism in today’s Pakistan and sub-continent is much influenced and closely linked with Indus civilization and that goes mainly around Buddhism and Hinduism. Sufis and Pirs are the common terms for these people who are almost present in each and every town and city of Pakistan.

Sufistic tourism in Pakistan is a new segment in tourism industry of Pakistan but as a matter of fact it is closely linked with the lives of Pakistani people. Mr. Mehmood Malik has done lot of research in this subject and let him to know to design a suitable itinerary to suit your interests.

Sufistic tourism in Pakistan can be done by visiting Mazaar of Hazrat Bari Imam in Islamabad, Mazaar of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Mazaar Hazrat Baba Farid Shakar Ganj, Mazaar of Baba Bhullay Shah, Mazaar of Hazrat Shah Rukne Alam and Mazaar Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. Pakistan is full of such Mazaars of Pirs and Sufi Babaas. They always preached the message of love, peace, harmony and coherence. They are the main source between Allah and the common folk and help them to get their wishes fulfilled.

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