Sports Tourism Pakistan

Sports Tourism Pakistan  is generally defined any travelling that is done for the sake of participating in a sport event including just watching. There are many sub segments of Sports Tourism like Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Mountain Biking, Desert Jeep Safaris, hunting, Wrestling and Kabaddi are the primary reason for one’s travels and that is considered as Sports Tourism.

In Pakistan’s case, Cricket is the top sport that can be a growing tourism segment for Pakistan. Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally is another growing sports tourism segment in Pakistan that needs to be more refined for further promotion. In recent years another sports segment is supposed to take over exodus sports that is Kabaddi. Kabaddi is very much local sport of Punjab and is now spread even in other nations of the world. Pakistan is now hosting Kabaddi World Champion Tournaments that are becoming more popular day by day and attracting large crowd of spectators like any other popular sports of the world.

Sports Tourism Pakistan is one of the segments that are being rapidly grown and its contribution to economy is even growing with the passage of time. Every match of PSL (Cricket) brings tens of thousands of supporters and spectators who also need accommodation in hotels, eating in the restaurants, buying souvenirs from the shops, using transport that turns into a big economic activity for any destination where such sports events takes place. The same scenario is now with Kabaddi Tournaments that attracts thousands of international visitors to Pakistan. As per statistics of the country the total activity turns into the millions of people who participate on weekend events and on major sports events and the total turnover exceed billions of rupees.

Sports Tourism is actually a source to bring people together and then ultimately source of peace and prosperity in the country. The government is already doing a lot but still needs lot to be done for this segment.