Sikh tourism Pakistan and Sikh tours is now one of the top tourism segment of Pakistan. As a matter of fact 52% of global tourism is religious tourism and it is also a fact that Sikh Tourism is the largest tourism segment of Pakistan that is so far highly neglected but now it seems to be on cards of the government that is encouraging for all of us. This is a kind of tourism that never stops and is beyond the influences of political situation of the country and never goes on zero level. The current Sikh Tourism management structure is more in the hands of different organizations other than tourism entities.  It needs to be restructured and the state should take it as serious business.

Sikh tourism Pakistan and Sikh tours are even growing. The Gurdwaras of Pakistan are being rehabilitated. As a matter of fact the current part of Pakistan’s Punjab is like as sacred places as sacred places of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and the other religions around the world, so the province of Punjab can be gold mine, especially in terms of earning foreign exchange through the incoming yatress from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and European countries. We need a comprehensive strategy to take full advantage of this tourism segment that would be a game changer for the economy of Pakistan.

Sikh religion is the only religion that founded and then flourished in this part of sub-continent that is Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan. Promotion of Sikh tourism and yatra package will benefit the state on two fronts, one is economy and the other is promotion of religious harmony between various religious schools of thoughts based in today’s Pakistan and ultimately improvement in painting soft image of Pakistan around the globe. One thing very important for our government to understand that there will be no funding required for the promotion of Sikh Tourism if proper strategy is in place. For more details on Gurdwara Yatra packages please visit or