Medical tourism Pakistan is on boom, as the government of Pakistan has taken this segment on priority list. There is already huge network of private hospitals and clinics fully equipped to cater international patients. At the same time there are many expats who are coming to Pakistan to invest in building new facilities across the country. Pakistan has edge over the competence and natural atmosphere along with top medical expertise in the region. The medical professionals are world renowned and holding degrees from USA, UK and from other European countries with long experience of practicing in these respective countries. We have four seasons with variety of climate to suit the needs and physical conditions of the patients.

Medical tourism in Pakistan is not only to get treated by modern medical sciences but also consider natural remedy through food and other natural herbs. Pakistan feels proud inviting the global patients to get treated with greater care and with much lower cost than your home country. Pakistan’s cuisine is now world famous and enjoy it while on medical tourism to Pakistan. It is said that Pakistan is one of the top hospitable nations on the earth. There is no comparison of treatment cost in USA or Canada, for instance one pays 10,000 $ for heart bypass surgery whereas for the same you pay 2000 $ in Pakistan. All in all, Pakistan is heaven for treatment not only for the developed countries but equally good for Middle East, far east, southeast and for central Asian countries.

We as your local host take this opportunity to welcome and assist you for health tourism to Pakistan. Please do write us and our team of medical tourism professionals would take care of yourself and the other caregivers. Being a hospitable nation Pakistan is proud to invite the patients to get treated in Pakistan and at the same time learn the great culture of this country.