Food and Street Tourism Pakistan

Food and street tourism Pakistan is an important segment of tourism and Lahore and all other old cities are perfect for it. Pakistan’s food variety is famous in the world and the Food Street of Lahore is the center to observe this reality where the both meet together. Pakistan’s north and south have different taste of dishes but all of them are delicious to taste once in life time.

Walled city of Lahore is one of the top attractions for street art tourism lovers. Lahore is lucky and proud to save some of the old streets within the old part of city. There are number of houses already restored by the walled city project and many more are being rehabilitated for future generations. These old streets giving a romantic touch shed the whole light on the past of Lahore as we walk street by street. Generally the whole walled city of Lahore offers the best view but entering from Dehli Gate is an ideal route to explore street art tourism of Lahore. The galies inside Delhi Gate reminds you Seville city of Spain where every house is decorated with colorful plants. However it is slightly different in art work but definitely colorful. Lahore is now proud to be enlisted as one of the six Muslim countries where food and street tourism is flourished.

The credit in saving Galies Heritage goes to Mr. John Wall, head of World Bank (Pakistan Chapter) who visited first time in 2006. He felt serious about the glory of this old Lahore that was in danger by the influential traders of Lahore. The new concrete houses were being built by the traders and old buildings were being demolished. Mr. John Wall immediately contacted the global donors including German government, Agha Khan Trust and others. Finally he managed the funding and his dream come true. The architect of Agha Khan Trust for Culture was assigned to select the first such street and he selected Gali Surjan Singh. The work to restore Gali Surjan Singh started in 2007 and comleted in 2011 that is now open for tourists. The restoration work is on under the WCLA (Walled City Lahore Authority) who have already restored Shahi Hamam and number of houses but hundreds of houses are in pipeline to be restored.

In the light of above it is worth to visit the streets of old Lahore city that will take you into the past history and way of life. At the same time enjoy the food in those streets and enjoy food and street tourism in Pakistan.