Desert and Camel Safari Tourism

Desert and Camel Safari tourism Cholistan is one of the top tourist attractions of winter adventures. Cholistan is a vast desert comprising an area of 6.65 million acres. It spreads over districts of Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur and Rahimyar Khan. Its length is 480 Kms and its width varies from 32 to 192 Kms. Population of the area is 0.155 million. People are generally nomads and raising livestock is their main economic activity.

Desert and Camel Safari tourism Cholistan is full of thrill and enjoyment for nature and culture lovers. Total cattle heads are estimated to be around 1.5 million which include Cows, Sheep, Goats and Camels but are not as healthier as other parts of Punjab. Groundwater is mostly brackish and main source of drinking water is the rain water which is stored in Tobas/ Ponds and Kunds. Since 2005 four pipelines have come up and the drinking water has been made available in abundance. There are 453 Nos. notified chaks. Total numbers of allottees are 23966 and land allotted is 3, 08,250 acres.

Desert and Camel Safari tourism Cholistan in Pakistan is something unique in the world and particularly in Pakistan. This sort of nature and culture you rare find elsewhere except in the desert of Cholistan.

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