Culture Tourism

As Pakistan a part of Indian sub-continent has been a play land for the international players, whether they were Greek, Arabs, Mongols or British. The Indian sub-continent was also known as golden bird, as there was plenty of water and food for everyone and as per human nature culture always flourish more where it is more prosperity and that has been the case with today’s Pakistan where you find multiple cultures.

Indus Valley Culture:
The exact dates are unknown for Indus Valley Culture but definitely it dates more than five thousand years back and is proven through some of the objects found there – however there are many historians in the world who believe that Indus Civilization is older than Egypt and Mesopotamia. Indus Valley culture is not confined along the valleys of Indus River but it even connects with Calcutta and Mumbai of India and Hinduism was the main religion of Indus Valley Culture. The people of sub-continent still practice old traditions that are evident from their day to day life. The valley is best option for culture tourism.

Ghandara Culture:
Ghandara Culture is cradle of Buddhist civilization when people of Ghandara region that start from Bamiyan to Taxila converted into Buddhism and last here over a thousand year in Ghandara region. Currently we don’t see Boddhist people living in today’s Pakistan but a great influence on their day to day life is visible.

Islamic Culture:
With invasion of Indian sub-continent by Muslim Arabs in 711 AD from the south side of today’s Pakistan and later on from the north side sowed the seeds of Islamic Culture. The Sufi Saints played a vital role spreading Islam that gave the first hope to Indians as equal citizens and afterwards Christianity also entered India with the message of equality.

Apart from these major cultures Pakistan has also some regional cultures like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Balochi and Kashmiri with their own language identities.

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