Buddhist Tourism

Buddhist Tourism in Pakistan is one of top tourist attractions for the Buddhism followers and for the other audience across the globe. Pakistan is keen to promote Buddhist heritage tourism for the religious tourists from Myanmar, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Far Eastern countries and many other followers of this religion across the world. As a matter of fact the Buddhist live now almost in every country and the numbers are grown up to 535 million.

Buddhist tourism in Pakistan and its art work displayed in museums will tell the whole story how big and important religion it was 2000 years back. One of the most famous centers of Buddhist religion is in Pakistan that is called Gandhara (cradle of Buddhist civilization). The meaning of Gandhara is still open to question but most of the subject experts believe that it means “the land of fragrance”. Some historians also connect the name with Kandahar (today a city in Afghanistan). Its boundary starts from Bamyan then including Swat, Peshawar and ends at the Taxila (eastern side of Gandhara Kingdom). Present day the most of the sites fall in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province of Pakistan.

Buddhist tourism in Pakistan reflects the history and culture that still exists in the valleys of Gandhara Kingdom. Gandhara has been one of the sixteen kingdoms where Buddhism was flourished. It will be fully justifies in claiming that Gandhara is birth place of Mahayana school of thought (big vehicle). The story of Lord Buddha is saved in the form of statues (made of stones and stuccos).

We welcome all Buddhist Monks and other followers and let us show you the all Buddhist monasteries and museum to promote Buddhist tourism in Pakistan. Mr. Mehmood Malik himself has been leader in conducting Boddhist tourism in Pakistan since last forty years. Please book a specialized tour guide for archaeology and Buddhism tours well in advance.

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