Art on Wheels Tourism

Art on Wheels tourism takes tourists on a journey through the world of Pakistani truck decoration. These ornately adorned vehicles depict all aspects of life and fuel an extensive artisanal industry. Art on wheels tour explores designs and motifs in truck art, the motivations of those involved in the practice, and its cultural significance to provide a unique understanding of Pakistan’s complex and rich cultural society. An accomplished tourism professional, Mehmood Malik illustrates his exclusive research work with regard to importance of art on wheels tourism and its role in promotion of tourism.

Art on Wheels Tourism reflects the way of life that goes around the customs and traditions of this Indus valley culture. Art on wheels takes us five thousand years back and not a matter of years or centuries. All smaller girls and boys are beautified with a black shed on their eyebrows to protect their beauty. One of the Hindu deities “Shiva” is always accompanied Baronath who is totally black dressed and with black face to protect the beauty of Shiva Jee that is supposed to be extra beautiful. So same is with truck paintings and the trucks always hanging black piece of cloth behind and on front. There are dark colors used for truck paintings that reflects and symbolize the colorful Indus Civilization.

Art on Wheels tourism does not mean only paintings on trucks but one may observe people riding on motorbikes or even walking on roads wear dark color dresses, especially in Sindh province. The colors play vital role in people’s life in sub-continent, either it is yellow rice (Zarda) or colors on religious sites such as Temples (Mandars), Gurdwaras or Mosques are visible. Saffron flowers are also used to cook yellow rice (Zarda) but also used to paint on the walls and interior of shrines, especially in Hindu, Budhist and Sikh temples. The men wear white color dresses because Lotus flower and the milk of cows is also white that one’s character is as pure (Pak aur Pawittar) as milk. Brides are traditionally worn wedding suites in red color. Similarly truck is supposed to be wife of truck driver and that is why people decorate them on same patterns.

Truck paintings reflects way of life of the people of Pakistan – most of married and sometimes unmarried wear musical chain (Pazaeb) on their feet and the same chains but little in bigger size are fixed at the front and the back of trucks – in other words it is a dancing girl with four legs on the roads.

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