Archaeology Tourism Pakistan

Archaeology tourism Pakistan offers huge variety of archaeological sites along with display of objects found from these sites in the museums. As the archaeological sites is the key source to depict the culture of the past and serve as connecting bond between old and new civilizations, and that is why they are important for Pakistan. So they ought to be saved on priority basis for any vibrant nation. Furthermore, the preservation of cultural heritage and archaeological sites not only relives a nation but also promotes tourism and brings economic benefits to a country. There would be no exaggeration in believing that saving country’s heritage and archaeology plays key role in the promotion of any country’s tourism.

Promotion of archaeology tourism is equally important for Pakistan as well as for the rest of the world. Pakistan is blessed with some of the globally renowned archaeological sites such as Mohenjo Daro, Harappa, Taxila and Swat. These places are full of old sites dating back 3000BC and even older than this. Chaukundi and Makli graves are of additional highlights of the past of Pakistan’s history. It is said that lively nations always keep protected their past that is a testimonial to establish their way of life and culture they lived in the past.

Indus civilization, Budhist civilization are the main source religions of these archaeological sites discovered from Pakistan and depict on Gandhara art and other local arts and culture. Sikh civilization is also an important factor and Pakistan is blessed with most of old heritage and archaeological tourism sites of Sikh religion. There are hundreds archaeology sites in the valley of Swat and in other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwah. There are also hundreds of old sites in the province of Sindh, including Kot Dijji and other parts of the province. All in all Pakistan is heaven for Archaeology tourism.