Agro Tourism Pakistan

Agro Tourism in Pakistan is one of the prime tourism segments, especially for an agro based society such as Pakistan. Agro or Agri tourism involves any agriculture based activity operation that brings tourists to a farm or ranch. It also involves offer of village accommodation in the farm house or in a separate guesthouse, providing village meals and traditional drinks such as lassi, saagh and tandoori roti (bread). It also organizes tours for guests’ to observe the activities and participation in the agriculture fields.

Agro tourism is becoming relevant more and more to urban societies, as they have no idea how wheat, sugarcane, rice and fruit is grown and then cultivated. Agro tourism becomes even more important when a country is consists of more than seventy percent of population is linked with agriculture. There are beautiful fields of cotton in the southern region of Pakistan and most of the labor involved in cotton plucking is from female gender. After witnessing all that a visitor may come to fact that the role of women in Pakistan is much bigger as anticipated within the country and abroad as well.

Through agro tourism the students may get knowledge that how sugar is processed from the fields of sugarcanes to the sugar mills. This is how a student gets enlightened through practical visit of those fields that was never mentioned in the routine syllabus books. The region of Sargodha is popular in growing citrus that is exported to the world and very attractive for school troops to visit such citrus yards, as per famous phrase “travelling is an open university”. All in all agro tourism is backbone of Pakistan and it is also a right to know the economy and the life style that is unique in its form. There is huge variety of crops and fruit yards to see across Pakistan.